Sunday, August 26, 2007

Power Tool Reviews!!!

You can post and read reviews of all Power tools in here. All tools to be listed by manufacturer; Model number and / or description. Please ensure that you put the correct power tool with the correct manufacturer.

DIY Show Case Gallery

Please take this opportunity to post pictures of your latest DIY project on this forum. All you DIY home improvements pictures are all welcome here. Please only post pictures of work that you have done personally. Then let all your family and friends view your progress.



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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Water Conservation

Why not build your own rain barrels to conserve water? Its' not rocket science and for all those DIYers who have no idea of where to start lets now begin. I'm talking about, rain water harvesting simply a barrel or any large container that can be assembled for the sole purpose of collecting and redistributing rain water.

Typically rain barrels are attached to one of your gutters or down pipes, which essentially widens the water collection area to the size of your roof. A properly installed rain barrel can collect up to 55 gallons of run-off with just a few inches of precipitation which you can then use to water your lawn and garden plants.

Fifty-five gallons is a lot of water, and can really add up over the course of a long, hot summer. The water you collect in your rain water barrel is also free of chlorine, fluoride, and any other chemicals that might be present in your local water system, which is something your garden and plants, will appreciate.

The process of assembling your own rain water harvesting system is quite easy, and very good for the environment. What's that you say? You don't even know where to begin when it comes to making a rain barrel?! Well, you're in luck, over the coming week’s that's exactly what I am going to cover in a published article on this website.

Knowledge Bridge

This new DIY Blog will act as the knowledge bridge through the contributions and involvement of all the DIY home improvement community. DIY will be providing valuable installation instructions, support and resources for those who seek DIY information. Powered through a community of involved DIY home improvement professionals, the credibility of our information is of the utmost importance to us.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Extra Storage Space

Is storage space at a premium in your home; are you like most homeowners today and using your attic for this purpose? Most home today has an access panel or trap door which leads into the attic space. Are you accessing this area safely, or are you like lots of others homeowners still using a dangerous step ladder.

The safe solution to this situation is to install a folding attic ladder. The average folding attic ladder will fit where the distance between floor and ceiling is approximately 8 foot to 10 feet in height. However not all folding ladders are constructed equally some may have different weight bearing capacities. If you decide to install a folding attic ladder, be absolutely sure to follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

Skip Hire

Most people hire skips for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re having a clear out, removing an old kitchen or bathroom suite. Or wanting to remove lots of soil from your garden these are generally why people hire a skip.

Today hiring a skip is a fairly simple process, even more so nowadays with many companies offering the option of booking your skip online. Usually the process is as follows. Book the hiring of your skip from a skip hire company giving them a date and time you would like your skip delivered and the size of skip you require. Your skip should arrive on the date you specified. You usually keep the skip for a day or two or until you filled it with waste product. Once you skip is filled and ready for removal, usually giving the skip hire company 48 hours notice of when you would like your skip collected.

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