Monday, September 3, 2007

As Promised !!!!!

We have over the past few months been asked, “When is starting a blog?” … Well, we thought lets give it a try.

Why Blog? That’s how the larger DIY home improvement community can communicate on a global basis. Through it has given the team an opportunity to encounter homeowners from over the country and the experience has been fantastic. I’m hoping this blog will be a great place to share DIY home improvement ideas and comments.

But don’t be shy. I’ve been told that a blog is a great way to start conversations. If you’ve got something you’ve been dying to say leave a comment. There’s a good chance your comment will influence others.

I’ve been getting pretty excited about all the great stuff that’s happening on the web. We’ve already answered lots of personal requests for help. Feel free to drop off your questions here.

So, help us out, what would you like to read most in a blog like this?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thought i'd start you off!
Any advice,
I am planing on putting in Sliderrobes,well doors anyway in my bedroom.
Have fitted double and single wardrobe- but to be honest drive me mad as not too much room when you open the door - hits the bed.
So Any Pitfalls I should know about?

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